Promotional Printed T-Shirt – Hat

Corporate Printed T-Shirt and Printed Promotional Hat

T-shirt is a textile promotional product used by users and customers from almost every sector. Many companies use printed promotional t-shirts to dress their employees in various organizations they organize, opening ceremonies and fairs they attend, or to distribute them as advertising products to their customers. Likewise, promotional hats models are also preferred very often, especially in summer, for advertising promotion purposes.

Promotional Printed T-shirt

Promotion T-shirt

If we consider T-shirts, 30/1 single jersey open-end fabrics in cycling neck and V-neck products are generally used in cheap t-shirts, disposable T-shirts, tube cut T-shirts. It is the t-shirt model with the most affordable price. It is produced from seamless sided tube fabrics in sizes S, M, L and XL. These products, which you can choose for your high-volume wholesale T-shirt orders, are produced in Black, White, Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, Gray, Orange, Turquoise colors. Combed cotton fabrics are used in the production of 1st quality promotional t-shirts.

Promotional Printed T-shirt

♦ Promotional Hat

In Promotional Hat products, you can examine Cheap Hat models with velcro straps or plastic snaps on the back, which are made of polyester fabrics with the lowest cost for your high-volume wholesale hat orders. For your higher quality promotional hat orders, you can take a look at our Quality Promotional Hat models that can be produced from 1st quality cotton gabardine fabrics with a custom logo printed or embroidery for you.

Promotional Hat

Branded T-shirts l Promotional T-shirts

Branded Promotional T-shirts & Hats

Promotional T-shirts provides services in the manufacture and sale of hats manufactures logo printed  promotional tshirt and promotional hats. Among our t-shirt products we produce, white t-shirts, color t-shirt, cycling collar t-shirt, V-neck t-shirt.

We have polo collar t-shirt, printed t-shirt, wholesale unprinted t-shirt and combed t-shirt models. Logo Printed Promotional T-shirt models can be used as selection t-shirts, personnel clothes, promotional tshirts, business t-shirts, personnel t-shirts and worker t-shirts.

You can contact us for your promotional t-shirt prices, wholesale t-shirt manufacture, imprinted t-shirts, disposable t-shirt, logo printed branded t-shirts , promotional caps, hats and the cheapest white t-shirt orders.

PromotionTR, Wholesale Tshirt Supplier.

Our promotional tshirt production is made in wholesale. We have no retail sales. Order quantity, logo printing and t-shirt model are important in determining t-shirt prices. Pricing is made by taking these criteria into consideration in your orders. You can catch cheaper promotional t shirt prices in your high quantity orders.

Black – White – Red
Yellow – Green – Blue
Navy blue – Orange – Gray melange


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